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They offer players more distance off the tee than other types of golf discs. Extremely fast and stable, the Ape is a ' must have' distance driver for windy conditions and sharp doglegs. Innova is the longest standing disc golf brand - and also the creators of the first flying disc made specifically for disc golf ( The Eagle). Choose from Orange or White, stamp color may vary.

The Shryke is an easy to throw, very long range driver for a wide variety of players. Best distance driver for turnover shots. You are bidding on an Innova DX Valkyrie disc golf distance driver.

The Innova DX Sidewinder is a fast, beginner friendly understable distance driver with a predictable high speed turn and lots of glide. " - Innova Pro Holy Finley. The Teebird Fairway Driver. Designed as a downwind driver, it has fantastic glide and moderate stability.

This disc is used but is in great shape with no damage and minimal wear. Being understable, this is a comfortable disc that provides max distance for intermediate players. Best Choice for: Maximum Distance, long hyzers, tailwind drives, intermediate to advanced players looking for the ultimate distance disc. This Wraith can provide great distance for players of all skill levels.

PDGA Certification Documentation. They have been innovating the game since 1983, and are currently the most popular brand in the world. This max distance, speed 14 disc golf driver will sail down the fairway. Innova Disc Golf Drivers. A full line of quality discs including distance drivers, fairway drivers, mid- range, approach discs, and putters in all stability ratings and plastic types. Innova disc golf champion distance driver.

In My Bag with 13- time Disc Golf World Champion. The Wraith is a long stable Distance Driver with speed, glide and accuracy. Great for rollers. Innova Disc Golf Pro Shop.
It could be described as a “ faster, beat- in Destroyer. Sidewinder is a fast distance driver with predictable high speed turn and plenty of glide. Sort By Recently Added Name Price Recently Added Plastic Type Disc Weight Disc Model. Like the name, this disc has natural turn. This incredible disc golf driver, released in June, has a simlar stability to the Roadrunner, but is faster and has a straighter finish. 13 Speed; 5 Glide- 3 Turn; 3 Fade.

Some Distance Driver models provide a straight line of flight, while others have the ability to travel to the left or right down the fairway. About the Ape from Innova: The Ape can handle the raw, primal power of disc golfs biggest arms. Manufacturer’ s Description “ The Firebird is an overstable distance driver which works extremely well into a headwind.

As a new player, the Katana helped me achieve maximum distance. Turnover shots and tailwind drives are a breeze with this disc. Competition Approvals. Innova Disc Golf Star Champion Pro DX GStar Blizzard Full Production Distance Driver Midrange Putter. This speed 14 distance driver is long on glide with just enough fade for freakishly- far throws— think of it as a faster Shryke. Can handle headwinds and throws with off axis torque. FLIGHT CHARACTERISTICS.
The disc will double as a long distance roller for more advanced players. I am able to get more distance with my forehand throws, and use the beast when I want my disc to curve left, but need more distance than I would with a backhand throw. Get the best deal for Innova Distance Driver Golf Discs from the largest online selection at eBay.

Say hello to the Champion Corvette. The Innova DX Leopard is a great beginner fairway driver. It also comes in several different weights. Innova Disc Golf Pro Beast Distance Driver.

The Star Wraith is endorsed by 12- time World Champion, Ken Climo. Features of Innova Disc Golf Distance Drivers: Archon is a speed 11 distance driver. Description Innova Champion King Cobra.

The Innova Champion King Cobra is a semi- stable middie that is available in Champion- line plastic. Browse your favorite brands affordable prices free shipping on many items. Try one out in light weights between 135g- 150g if you want to add some distance to your drives. Best Choice for: Headwind drives, distance hyzers, power sidearms. The Tern has excellent speed and a flight path that maximizes glide over the entire flight. I believe that only the lighter weight blizzard versions come with the signature since he threw the blizzard for the world record.

It is crafted with durable Champion plastic, making it a stable choice for maximizing distance. However, if you were looking forward to the David Wiggins signature for the world longest distance throw record, you won' t get it on the disc. The Innova Destroyer Distance Driver is a very fast stable long distance driver. For maximum distance and a stable flight, play with the Innova Champion Boss Distance Driver.

The Blizzard Katana is my go- to distance driver when there is little to no wind. Innova Daedalus Champion Disc Golf Driver sold by the World. Airborn Tour Stamp on Innova Star Boss, 175g. Disc Information. DGA Disc Golf Starter Set Innova Champion Disc Golf Kestrel Disc Golf Pro Set; Included: Driver, mid- range disc, putter, mini marker disc, score cards, throwing instructions, disc bag and rules of disc golf. Long Range Driver ( 18) Disc Flight. All the Innova discs we have for sale are below. It makes an excellent finesse driver or long range roller. Similar to the Archon, the Tern is a fast slightly understable disc that is designed for long shot shaping throws. Some of our distance drivers are designed to cut through the wind, while.

This disc golf disc belongs to one of the early runs of Innova' s Champion Edition Valkyrie. A mild high speed turn puts the Shryke in glide mode, which along with its high aerodynamic speed, give it incredible distance. It is one of the more popular ultra high speed drivers, and is available in all of Innova' s most popular plastics. Innova is the worlds # 1 manufacturer of disc golf discs. Disc Golf Discs / Innova Discs / Distance Drivers;. Not suggested for beginning players.

With an R- Pro Boss! The Innova Disc Golf Champion Archon Disc Golf Speed 11 Distance Driver is great for tunnel shots and finesse moves and offers graceful turns. The Roadrunner is a long- range distance driver with lots of glide. Add distance and speed to your drive with the Innova® Blizzard Champion Katana Disc. It is also a great disc for new female players!

This page shows all Innova Distance Drivers we currently have in stock. The Innova Boss was the first speed 13 driver on the market. While more experienced players can use the Leopard for throwing distance stretching “ Hyzer Flip” shots; it is also a great turnover disc and d. Innova Champion Discs - Ontario, California. This is an awesome disc and its set at a great price. Information about Innova' s Champion plastic. The Innova Champion Firestorm is a semi- stable, ultra high- speed distance driver. Like the name, this disc has natural turn, big glide and is designed for long shot shaping. The Innova Beast is the only speed 10 driver that comes in all the different Innova plastics.

The Innova Disc Golf Champion Colossus Distance Driver Golf Disc features high- speed turns and a wide rim. Daedalus Champion. This disc is much like a faster Wraith, but with a little more high and low speed stability. The Highly durable Champion material is Innova’ s most overstable plastic, further enhancing the Firebird’ s extreme overstability and predictability. Great disc for sidearm throwers and those with lots of power.
This disc is designed for optimal performance, suitable for power players and sidearm throws. Average rating: out of 5 stars, based on reviews. Innova disc golf champion distance driver. Innova Destroyer Champion Golf Disc: Assorted Colors. This disc golf driver can add distance to anyone’ s drive and is especially useful for tho.

The world distance record is currently held by David Wiggins Jr. In this one- minute video, Innova Star Team member Philo Brathwaite shares why the Teebird is one his favorite discs. Which is now OOP( Out of Production) you can tell by how the disc says" Champion Edition" later discs only say" Champion" and the blue star stamp. Innova says this about the Wraith: It is a stable flyer that performs predictably well in the wind with speed, glide and accuracy.
The disc is white in color with a red foil circle stamp and weighs 149 grams on the scale. Innova' s Champion Monarch an excellent under- stable distance driver and is ideal for your first Distance Driver. Champion [ aka; CANDY] is super- durable, so you will enjoy this Cobie for many years. It is an excellent downwind driver that also performs predictably into the wind. 12/ 6/ - 2/ 2 red/ clear Review: The Tern is an understable high speed driver. Reminiscent of a longer Valkyrie.

Thank you for visiting our Innova Distance Driver Page. S11/ G5/ T- 2/ F2. Champion Line; Star Line; Distance Drivers. Distance Drivers are at the pinnacle of golf design. Innova CHAMPION “ Tern” Distance Driver 171g.

Distance Drivers were created to provide players with the maximum distance possible.

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